muskTop Musk
A blend of a floral fragrances and musk with woody under note which separate quickly. It creates very pleasant and holy environment for praying and meditation.
003Top Jasmine
A floral which keeps environment vibrant and active. The unique fragrance of Jasmine flowers really purifies air around you

sandalTop Sandal
Blend of natural material and precious wood. A fragrance, that creates the right ambiance for prayer and meditation. It produces precious woody fragrance for several minutes

champsTop Champa
Fresh sweet fragrance reminiscent of early morning walk through a garden of flowers. It creates environment of having Champa flowers in abundance around you
roseTop Rose
Like the bud of rose just born into the light; young and youthful, fresh and bold; full of vitality waiting to bloom, let the feeling remain forever, spread the fragrance forever.
levenderTop Levender
Cosmetic fresh fragrances of natural lavender. You will feel presence of lavender flowers around you; it keeps the air fresh, holy, and exciting.

ourTop OUD
The woody fragrance of natural material ‘Oud’ spread quickly and long lasting. It has unique flavor of fragrance that makes you feel fresh and active.