Our Shivam Top 7 Incense Sticks pack is superb product that contains 7 different colored sub-packs each with 4 incense sticks. These sub-packs are green for Lily, yellow for Sandal, violet for Fancy, white for Mitsouko, pink for Joy, blue for Shalimar and milky for Lotus. You can get seven flavors of fragrance through buying this pack.
topdsTop 7 Double Strength
This pack contains different seven flavors similar to Top 7 but its fragrance is quite potent and more effective. It is our latest product that is becoming more popular nowadays due to its versatile qualities and potency of fragrance.
top4Top 4
Shivam Top 4 Incense Sticks pack contains several long incense sticks. It is longest pack of our products. It has around 20 inches length. The very astonishing news regarding this is that its single stick has potential to produce fragrance for 10 hours, the longest duration of producing pleasing smoke.

top1Shivam’s Top-1
Our Shivam Top 1 Incense Sticks pack, 9 inches long, generally possesses 15 incense sticks that provide unique pleasing fragrance that collectively contains several flavors of flowers, herbs, resin, aromatic oils and wood. It sanctifies worshiping environment through it heart touching fragrance.