Shivam’s VedicIt is a premium incense-sticks pack made up from sandal wood, a fragrant and precious wood found in south India and other ingredients. It provides heart touching aroma and creates holy environment before paying obeisance through prayers at religious places or at homes.

evShivam’s EverydayShivam ‘Everyday’ pack of incense sticks is produced for daily use in houses and religious places too. It provides unique fragrance to create holy environment before performing prayers and obeisance. It is also used for meditation and doing yoga exercises.

freshShivam’s Fresh AirShivam’s Fresh air box contains several incense sticks that have potential to create fragrant and holy environment for worshiping and other religious rituals. It cleanses polluted air and makes it feeling like fresh and cool. Several fragrances from flowers, wood, and resins, dry fruits, and plants are used to make the blend of it.

ustavShivam’s Utsav The incense sticks pack contains three fragrance flavors in one incense stick. It provides pleasant heart touching fragrances of three followers Rose, Mogra, and Jasmine. The incense sticks are quite useful for praying god and meditation.

Shivam’s 7day PrayerShivam’s Seven Day seven prayers incense sticks pack, generally as the name depicts, has seven little packs of seven different fragrances of incense sticks in it. It includes Rose, Rainbow, Chandlam, Jasmine, Amber, Musk, and Intimate. This is especially made for creating a different fragrance on different day of a week you set for paying obeisance to gods or goddesses.

Shivam’s NirvanaWith dawn of sunset starts the time to clean let the grossness leave your body and mind, let the spirit be blessed with calm and rest. Let the thoughts come and go and let just emptiness remain to be filled with the presence of almighty eternal. It is time to let go off the past and prepare for another day. Shivam’s ‘Lity’ pack contains incense sticks that create feelings of presences of fresh lily flowers around you..

Shivam’s Sandalwoodit let your body, mind, and soul emits such fragrance that draws attention of one and all. Purify your mind such that only good thoughts come out of it. Purify your body such that the beauty of it remains forever. Purify your soul that it unites eternally with the creation.