Incense Making


Hi everybody! I wish you quite a great day today. I hope, my fragrance is generally smelled and experienced by everybody in the world. Do you like to know how I am prepared? Story of my creation is very interesting but quite long; however, I would describe it through some words. As you know, India has a variety of seasons. There are six seasons according to its culture. Vasanta (Spring), Grishma (Summer), Varsha (Monsoon), Sharad (Autum), Hemanta (Winter Initiation), and Shishir (Winter). Starting from March to the end of February each season runs for two months. Stretching from the great Himalayas in the north to southern peninsula and hills in the east to the Aravalli hills range and desert in the west, the nation has rich vegetation on its hills, valleys, forests, and plains. Diversification in the climate provides production of several aromatic, medicinal, and other useful plants during each season.

Being an incense stick, a thin stick of bamboo- the longest grass on the planet, is become my backbone. A mixture of easily burnable material that contains several aromatic ingredients obtained from plants is covered around a stick of bamboo with manual or mechanical power. I have travelled a long journey of my creation staring from ancient times to that running presently. I would like mentioning some best sources of my creation such as Rose, Champa, Lily, Sandalwood, Saffron, Jasmine, Mogra and many more. Each of these flavors provides a unique delightful smoke of incense. I was used to be produced in small villages and towns of the nation. My bulk and small scale production provide employment to many people in India and abroad. Isn’t it surprise that thousands of varieties of incense are being made in India and each nation of the world? The labor intensive industry is really a huge employment generator that provides light labor jobs. It supports weaker sections of society, handicapped, women and old age people too for their earning from its different easy jobs.

I am being sold in different packs with my different shapes, colors, and sizes as well by Shivam Fragrance in India. Most of my packs contain my sticks, cones, logs, powder, cakes, grains, and spirals. No matter, what shape of me you like to use to perform your religious ritual, I always create a holy environment to worship with my lovely and holy fragrance. If you ever feel stressed or like to change your mood, simply burn me, I would definitely change it to positive instantly. At last, I would like to end my story saying that I am incredible part of your life. I am always ready for creating a pollution free, holy, and pleasant environment around you providing you extreme peace of mind. My burning always keeps you away from stress and depression too.