c1Top Lilly Cone
The Top Lily Incense cones pack generally has 12 or 20 cones with a metallic disc used as base. The fragrance of the incense cone creates environment quite fresh and pleasing. You will feel presence of several fresh lily flowers around you through burning a single cone of the pack.

c2Top Sandalwood Cone
The top sandalwood incense cones pack has 12 cones and an iron disc to place the cone on it. The fragrance of the cone creates environment that contains tons of sandal wood.

c3Top Lavender ConeĀ 
The Top Lavender Incense cones pack contains a dozen of cones that provide Lavender flower fragrance. Lavender flower scent used in making the cones produces unique fragrance that has potential to make the air fresh and pure too for performing spiritual activities.
c4Top Rose Cone
The Top Rose Incense Cones pack contains one dozen of incense cones with rose flavor of fragrance. A metallic coin sized plate is provided with cones to place a cone on it before burning it. The fragrance of the cone creates an environment that provides feelings of presence of several fresh roses around you.